About Us

Western Star Trucks Pty Ltd / MAN Automotive Imports Pty Ltd

Western Star Trucks is a company steeped in history, owing its beginnings to the White Motor Corporation. This enterprise company was formed in 1916 and from the beginning, the quality and dependability became universally appreciated. By the end of World War I, the White Motor Corporation had produced more than 18,000 trucks and subsequently consolidated their reputation for exceptional reliability and durability during World War II.

The first White–Western Star truck rolled off the production line in Canada in 1967 and quickly proved the manufacturer’s claim for outstanding performance and reliability in the demanding logging applications in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Western Star Trucks were first introduced to Australia in 1983, with its main assembly line located at Brisbane. Business interests associated with the owner of Western Star Trucks Australia acquired the North American parent company in 1991, successfully floating the company on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1994. In 2000, the North American company was purchased by Daimler Chrysler with the Australian division remaining Australian owned.

In the 40 years since Western Star was unveiled in North America, the versatility and integrity of the product and the company hasn´t changed. It has successfully competed in such diverse markets as the oil fields of the Middle East, the tough military requirements of Kuwait, the mountains of Indonesia and the rugged Australian outback. Western Star Trucks are proud of a reputation for building world-class heavy-duty trucks, which are custom crafted and highly dependable.

In 2000 Western Star Trucks Australia acquired distribution exclusivity for all MAN products within Australia/NZ and created MAN Automotive Imports. Western Star Trucks Australia and MAN Automotive Imports merged as a result of this acquisition, with sales and after sales support services conducted out of the WSTA/MAI Asia Pacific Headquarters located in Brisbane, Queensland. WSTA/MAI employs 200 people with a varied and diverse range of skills all gathered for one purpose, the sale and after sale support of MAN truck/bus and Western Star truck products. Sales and after sales service is provided throughout the country via 65 separate dealer outlets, each dedicated to the products longevity in the Australian marketplace. WSTA/MAI also have dealer representation in New Zealand, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Western Star Trucks Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of listed public entity Transpacific Industries Group Ltd.